True Value Hardwarian - Clean Brushes

True Value Hardware Hardwarian - Webisode - DIY

True Value Hardware Stores wanted to increase brand awareness and recapture lost market share.  To do so, we helped them craft 15 unique DIY webisodes to position True Value employees as experts known as “Hardwarians”, thereby tapping into the vast amount of technical and practical knowledge that True Value possessed.  The objective of the campaign addressed two distinct audiences – employees and consumers – with one hard-hitting message - True Value Hardwarians are the experts.  Employees were fully motivated to “be” the expert they are and consumers were driven into the stores to seek the advice of a True Value Hardwarian.  The campaign was so successful that True Value immediately produced an additional 30 episodes.  The result was a dramatic increase of in-store traffic and online sales with over 1 million distinct views and counting.